Washers for Sale in Sacramento, CA

Washing Machine Drum Assembly 4519702 0375
Its been used still in excellent condition let me know if you have any questions.
Portable Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine-3 yr warranty, RV, Apts 0.8 cubic foot capacity, about 1-2 pairs of blue jeans per load for an average sized person. Please make sure this is large enough for your needs before ordering, thank you. Smaller footprint and lighter than any other full automatic portable washers Can use up to 120 degree Fahrenheit water No washer-dryer hookup req...
Maytag Fluid Retainer 22003429 for Washer back.
Whirlpool Kenmore Washer Buzzer 694419. May replace 3-5205, 305205, 35-1637. 120 V 60-80 HZ 7.8 W Intermitten duty 10% with max on time twelve sec 9944. Two 1/4" terminals
Maytag Water Level Switch 22003962 (6 2616510, 62616510). 4 positions are Mini, Medium, Large, Super or use 5 position water level switch 22004188 made by Whirlpool..
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