7 hours agoDavis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
I am an old soul to coin a corny term and I love vintage and antique things. If you have anything you are trying to rehome or maybe even throw out I will most likely appretiate it.
19-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have any of these game pieces that they are not interested in? I would be glad to pick them up!
19-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, looking for camping gear, Tent for 6, chairs, stove, sleeping bags etc. Thanks for your help
I am looking for a sewing machine for my neighbor and a serger sewing machine as well as misc. supplies. Thanks
19-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
I need cages to support tomatoes in my garden. :) Best wishes!
Hello! Our family is looking for a working lawnmower. Have you upgraded to a newer lawnmower, our family would love to give your old mower a good home. We have a mower that is a manual push mower, but it is old, rusted and does not work well. Thank you!
18-Apr-2018Roseville, CA(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of fabrics, fabric scraps, or linens. I am trying to teach a group of girls how to sew. If you have any unwanted fabrics, I can come pick them up.
18-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking to set up new apartment with furnishing on the cheap. Looking for shelving options, indoor and in the garage. Could use an entry table or other narrow and tall shelf or table. Desk and chairs, kitchen and office. Filing Cabinets and hooks for hanging jackets etc. Im going to check aggie surplus and have been on craigslist, just seeing if anyone here has anything fr free or cheap, thanks!!!
18-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a 65cm yoga ball to use as an office chair. Please let me know if you have one around that you're not using. Thank you!!
18-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Im in need of 5 life jackets i need one for a 1 yr boy i need for my twin girls who are very tiny the wear a size 5/6 and
17-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
I draw alot. And I'm hoping to find some drawings supplies to reduce expenses
looking for a small house size swamp cooler. Needs to mount to window, since it's a rental. I will pick up within 1 hours drive of Rio Linda. Can you provide the outside dimensions to make sure it fits in my vehicle.
17-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
For hiking, both urban and rural, so any kind of backpack is usable! Thanks. I am very flexible about picking them up! Your convenience!
17-Apr-2018Rocklin, CA(20 miles)Items Wanted
Good working condition please.
16-Apr-2018Citrus Heights, CA(14 miles)Items Wanted
I will travel anywhere within 1 hour of Rio Linda to pick up a working unit. Temps are heating up and it's the only way to cool my brother's home.
16-Apr-2018Roseville, CA(17 miles)Items Wanted
Do you have a worm composter that you no longer use? I'd like to recycle my kitchen scraps.
15-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking a standing lamp for our living room.
15-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
hello, I got a new job that requires a white collard shirt. I used to have a ton of them,but somehow ended up with none. i can't afford to buy one until i get paid tho... thanks
In need of a working sewing machine with or w/out table
14-Apr-2018Davis, CA(15 miles)Items Wanted
Dog bed for small dog.
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